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Prospective Service Providers

Prospective Service Providers & Practicum

Information you must read and consent to before we can begin. Practicum student can skip the “business side of thing” section.

Support Worker vs Therapy

What are the differences? Do the differences matter?

Recruitment Process

How does this work? What to expect? What are the steps?

Onboarding Steps

Remember to reach out for help if you feel stuck!

Onboarding Information

Majority of the information in Google Classroom under Company Manual

New Client Intake Workflow

What happens behind the scene (short service provider to-do list on the bottom)

Rates and Fee Schedule

Billing information for our services and payment policy

Intake Forms

What information and forms do I need for the new client I have? 

Getting Paid

the most important part!

Internal Information

Accessible by Your Cherish Clinic Google Account

Employee Handbook

Regularly Updated with real examples of how these policies are implimeneted in tricky situations.

Professional Development

Invite only group for Cherish Staffs. 

Client Tracking

List of your clients (please keep updated)

(must log in with your Cherish Google Account)

Schedule Tracking

This is the information I refer to when client mathces are been made, so please keep it as updated and accurate as possible.

Client Intake Paperwork List

Information you should have on you (device or paper) to when seeing the client… well, you don’t need the payment information on you all the time. but you need to know it exist before starting a session.

Blue Cross Extended Health Insurance Calculator

Explanation on how extended health insurance work, plan information, and a calculator for you to make informed decision on opt-in or out.

Tax Info

Always check with your accountant. Here are just some helpful heads up.

GST for Contractors

As contractors, you are responsible for managing your own GST.

Cherish has an approved GST exemption status in place.

Brief Summary:

If the client has an active autism funding unit contract (AFU), all services that would be eligible under AFU would be GST exempted even if the client pays privately for it.

  • For under 6 contracts, counselling rendered by RTC is not GST-exempted.  The invoice must show behavioural intervention.
  • AFU provides counselling for family members of the client who reside in the same house and therefore those counselling for these clients are also GST exempted.

Cherish’s GST exemption does not protect contractors, so please consult an accounting specialist.

If you have offered more than $30000 of GST-eligible service as a contractor, then you may need to set up your own GST account.   However, Cherish Clinic cannot provide you with an accurate GST-eligible service total due to our unique GST-exemption status.

For each client, we must determine their GST status and for every service you have rendered, you must apply or unapply GST accordingly.

Claimable Household Expenses


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