Support Services

At Cherish Clinic, we prioritize care over profit, with the cost and resources of providing support services often exceeding the commission. Currently, we have available support workers servicing:

New Westminister
North Vancouver

Victoria and Nearby areas.

Pediatric Support WOrk

A child-centered, relationship-based experience for children or adults looking for companionship, support with support worker who are trained to sensitively and dynamically respond to the child. This can also be the neurodivergent-affirmative version of behavioural intervention. Home based and community visits.

Adult support Work

“Spoon Giving”: executive functioning support, buddy double, task assistence, and more.  Providing personalized support that is respectful, compassionate, and neurodivergence-affirming. We empower individuals to navigate life’s demands, remove barriers, and bring down the level of overwhelm, so you can breath and thrive.

Education Assistent

Our team comprises diverse support workers with unique specializations and passions. We offer individualized, child-lead, interest-oriented educational support for students.

Digital Campfire

Led by Joel, our energetic and fun camp leader.  This is a discord server for therapist-vetted neurodivergent children, fostering self-initiated social connections and a safe, inclusive sense of belonging.

Respite Support

We offer essential respite care for families, ensuring a break and support for caregivers while delivering compassionate, specialized care for individuals with diverse needs, including quadriplegic support.

Learning to Swim

This individualized swimming “lesson” catering to children who cannot access or benefit from neurotypical swimming classes.  Sara offers no-demand swimming experience and instruction for neurodivergent or anxious children at Eileen Dailly Community Pool. 

BLocker shots

These needles are huge and painful! Our nurse, Bianca, delivers expert care in the comfort of your home. Creating a soothing atmosphere with pain reduction techniques and building trust with children with play.

Medical Respite

Specialized support for individuals with medical needs, including tube feeding, diabetes management, medication support and seizure care. Bianca provides compassionate and skilled assistance and has code-blue first aid training.

Blood test at home

coming soon

Support Worker Intake Process

Step 1

Tell us what you are looking for in ways that works for you or fill the form below.

If forms are not accessible for you, please contact us at


Step 3

Once a match have been made, your support worker will reach out to you to set up an initial consult through Janeapp.

You can ask questions, get a feel of the person, and work out the logistics of the service.


Step 4

Cherish Assistant will also reach out to you to set up billing or funding by email.

Credit card information are collected securely via Janeapp.


Step 5

Once we have all the necessary information. We are ready to begin!

You will receive appointment reminders on Janeapp.


Step 6

While you enjoy our services, you will receive an invoice once a month and you will have a week to review the invoice before we process the payment.  Third-party payments will be processed immediately, but you will still receive a copy of the invoice.


Not sure which service?

We offer many accessible options for communication with us and we’ll help connect you with the right service or therapist.