Therapy Services

Individualized Counselling

Whether you prefer talk, non-speaking, play, online or in-person, we have you covered. We customize our therapeutic approach for each individuals and families to explore and express themselves authentically, and discover true belonging.

Art Therapy

Discover the transformative power of art therapy. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, processing trauma, or enhancing your overall well-being, Step into a world where colors, shapes, and textures become your tools for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Through through the fundamental elements of human aesthetics (arts, music, dance, drama, and writing etc), break free from the constraints of everyday thinking and explore new realms of creativity to the tools to overcome obstacles and gain a fresh perspective on your life and emotions.


Music Therapy

Unlike traditional methods, we believe in empowering the child to truly experience the joy of rhythm, pitch, volume, and more, without imposing any constraints. Through our innovative techniques, we tap into the core essence of music, unlocking the child’s natural abilities and fostering a deep sense of pleasure.

Therapy in Nature

Step outside the confines of traditional therapy and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world and let it ground and heal in our exploration.Connecting with the environment and find solace in its tranquility.

Avaliable in both Vancouver Metro and Victoria area.


Therapeutic Gaming

Unlock the benefits of gaming therapy, a unique online approach that promotes accessibility and engagement. With games as a medium, we offer inclusive therapy for both kids and adults, free from the constraints of direct eye contact.

Developemental Screening

Through the family navigation model, explore potential developmental issues and provide inside about their child’s behaviours. Also empowers parents in making informed decisions about further assessments and equips them with guidance on parenting support.

Hormone /Blocker Assessment

Explore personalized hormone and blocker assessment through a neurodiversity affirmative and informed approach. We can also integrate the assessment into play and another process-oriented therapy.

Asynchronous Therapy

Experience our unique asynchronous counselling approach, text-based and pen pal-inspired or other creative non-speaking approach. Our out-of-the-box adaptation and accommodation ensure accessibility for all.

Adult Autism Screening

This is an INFORMAL screening with three customizable engagement options tailored to your preferences. Discover your authentic self, process the imposter syndrome, or make a decision regarding formal diagnose

group Therapy

Camps and group experiences for both children and adults. We… sort of…create these groups to meet the needs of our clients, so they tend to be highly specific. There are professional development events as well.

Occupational Therapy

With collaboration with Everyday OT, OT is like a ‘life skills guide’ in achieving your best life. We use personalized strategies and activities to support your self-awareness and and empower you to reach your goals and dreams. With children, we have fun to make your life easier and more comfortable. We specializes in children with PDA.

Sensory Assessment

With partnership with EverydayOT, we offer hyper-comprehensive questionnaire-based evaluation delves deeply into how your sensory systems interact, providing invaluable insights for your continued well-being and growth. Only available to Cherish clients receiving ongoing support for a therapist or consultant.

Visual Processing Assessment

We specializes in a process-oriented, sensory-informed visual processing assessment, not geared towards standardized measurement but rather understanding how visual processing is experienced and what works and what doesn’t.

Not sure which service?

We offer many accessible options to communicate with us and we’ll help connect you with the right service or therapist.