Each year, Cherish Clinic offers low-cost therapy services through practicum counselling or therapy students.  The clinic offers training, professional development, and mentorship while facilitating accessible and neurodivergent-affirming therapy services for clients.

The rates are $20 for online sessions and $35 for in-person sessions.  This rate will gradually increase as the practicum students gain both skills and experience in their profession.  Once a client is matched with a practicum student, this service is available for 10 months or when the practicum student has fulfilled their hours. After this, the client also has the option to continue with the therapist at their full rate.

Eligible clients:

This practicum offering is open to all ages.

The client must be neurodivergent. We accept self-diagnose and formal diagnoses. Or siblings or caregivers who reside in the same household as the neurodivergent person.

Funding Options:

This service is NOT eligible for extended health benefit coverage under counselling.  However, we can bill the service to Autism Funding Unit or Distributed Learning Programs.