WHat we do

Services by Type

Mental Health

Supporting you in more specific and targeted ways, guiding you on your path to healing and wellness.  Talk therapy, art therapy, expressive arts therapy, play therapy, etc.

Therapeutic Support Workers

We will get into your life with you, doing things with you and for you to support you in your day-to-day life.  For example, body doubling, respite, executive functioning support, educational assistance, recreational activities, and companionship.

Consultation Services

Educational consultant for home learner and student in distributed learning, family consultant, medical advocates, post secondary-planning consultant for students with additional needs.

Occupational Therapy

In collaboration with EverydayOT, highly specialized occupational therapy and assessments for neurodivergent clients in neurodivergence-affirming and client-lead approaches. We specialize in clients with PDAs.

Practicum Students

Low-cost option for counselling and therapies.


Camps and group experiences for both children and adults.  Our group services tend to be highly specialized catering very specific needs of our clients. There are professional development events as well.


Do you want more than one service? More specialized or in-depth assessment or services? Cherish service providers work collaboratively and dynamically with each other and the clients to provide comprehensive and cohesive support and guidance.

Not Sure Which Service?


We offer many accessible options for communication.