To be on this referral, a service provider must meet at least 3 out of 4 criteria:

  1. superior knowledge in the neurodivergent experience that is beyond what was taught in the standardized education and training for the profession.
  2. sensitivity, inclusivity, open-mindedness, curiosity, and willingness to learn within their framework. The framework must confront implicit biases and cultural humility as one of the core modalities.
  3. recommended by autistic community members within neurodiversity affirmative groups.
  4. vetted by Cherish Clinic

The referral lists are short because we are protective of our clients. The recommendation is for the individual service provider and not their clinic as a whole. However, no service providers are good for everyone, so client discretion is still required.


• Dr. Deevska
• Dr. Gerhard Malherbe
• Dr. Garce Yu (Vancouver)
• Dr. Keyvan Hadad (Vancouver)
• Dr. Bamber (Langley)
• Dr. Richardson, Grandville Pediatrics (Vancouver)
• Dr. Michele Lai (Vancouver)
• Dr. Garce Yu (Vancouver)
• Dr. Diana Louie (Richmond)


There is no known neurodiversity-affirming psychiatrist in BC.  There are only two psychiatrists with decent autism acuity, but they only see adults and don’t want want us to overwhelm them with referrals. Unless it is for medication management, we highly recommend people seek reviews and feedbacks from the community about the referred psychiatrist before seeing them.  If you are a neurodiversity affirmative psychiatrist and do not default to CBT/exposure therapy, please contact us.

Psychoeducational Assessment

 This is not the ASD assessment list.

Dr. Lena Freeman (PDA friendly)
Dr. Angie Roth Peters

Other Medical Services

Dr. Atchison at Clayburn Dental

Kate Hutchinson (Nutrition)


Visual Processing

Dr. Megan Rees (MSP referral)
Dr. Cindy Ho
Dr. MK Rabdgawa
Irlen Vanisle (Irlen Syndrome)


Auditory Processing

Erica Zaia (Audiology: Hyperaccusis)

Advocacy Resources

School Advocacy (not IEP)
BCEDAccess Society

Workshop Presenter (yes IEP)
Suzanne Perreault
Jen Scherf

School Trustee
Cyndi Gerlach

Legal Resources

Leah McIntyre

Forensic Psychologist (child protection, civil conflict, Family 211)
Dr. Ashley Heiner

Divorce Coach/Counsellor
Lindsey Jespersen (high conflict)

Parenting Coordinator (private & court appointed)
Anna Perry


Therapy Services

For this section, the therapist must meet all four criteria and their approach must match or exceed Cherish Clinic’s ethical standards. Then, they are vetted through long-term, ongoing, collaborative interactions. We value quality over quantity, so most therapists would be full or with long waitlist. These people are the best of the best and leaders in their specialties. For a broader referral list, please visit Neurodiversity Collective Canada Service Provider Listing.

Occupational Thearpy

EverydayOT as a whole

Sam Wade

Speech Language Pathology

Heather Bishop

Family Consultant

Camille Long
Kerry Schroeder
Lori Seeley
Nicole Kauppi
Stefanie Gray
Susanne Perreault
Tara Leigh



AsUR Counselling as a whole
FASD Institute as a whole
Matsui De Roo
Oralie Long

Oralie also has a referral list 



Beth Evan (Developmental Physiotherapy)
Maria Toner (Pediatric continence issues)



Autism Assessment

Because the assessor’s specialization and acuity can greatly vary, Cherish Clinic is currently mulling over the benefits and the risks of sharing the referral publicly.  We currently only provide this list with more specific instructions to clients who have received our Developmental Screening service. Redefining Autism-Neurodiverse Families in BC also have a well vetted list.   Nevertheless, here is a more general list for the speech and congitive portion of the under 6 assessment.

Speech Assessment

Kate Messey
Shari Linde


Cognitive Assessment

Coming Soon