Developmental Screening

Are you a parent with questions about your child’s behaviour and experiences? Is there a nagging feeling that there is something more here than just anxiety or normal childish behaviours?  Previously a cornerstone of our standard intake procedures at Cherish Clinic, our Developmental Screening service has become incredibly popular. Now, we are thrilled to offer it as a standalone service.

We specialize in investigating the various developmental factors that may be contributing to your child’s distress or difficulties.  Our approach involves a thorough examination of your child, considering a range of developmental and neurological differences. We explore potential factors such as developmental skill delays, sensory sensitivities, and social communication variances, aiming to shed light on what your child may be experiencing.


Unlocking the Neuroprofile of Your Child

In British Columbia, there’s an urgent need for a shift in understanding and support for neurodivergent children. Too often, they are underdiagnosed, missing the vital resources and therapy they require to thrive. Physicians and parents alike may lack the necessary up-to-date knowledge to identify non-classic profiles of neurodivergence especially in girls. First Nation children are often profiled for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) instead of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The consequences of this misunderstanding are significant, leading to a lack of competence, reduced social and academic performance, trauma, and unfavourable outcomes in adulthood.

This cost-effective service has evolved from a philosophy deeply rooted in the Family Navigation Model. We bridge the gap between discovery and the delivery of medical care for neurodivergent children and adults. This initiative is part of our advocacy to ensure that every child receives the timely and appropriate help they need to thrive.

The Screening Process

15-minute Initial Consultation: Free

Parent Consultation: Online

Screening: In-person

Report: Detailed findings and recommendations

Our screening sessions typically range from one to one and a half hours, depending on the complexity of the case. If further assessment is deemed necessary, Christine will provide an advocacy letter, outlining observations, guidance on navigating the medical system efficiently, and a list of suitable referrals. Our screening is notably more advanced and comprehensive compared to many family physicians, pediatricians, and other service providers without our specific expertise in the field.

Flexible Payment Options

This service may be claimed as a counselling service through many extended health plans. We also offer sliding scale fees, ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of receiving the support your child needs.

Who Can Benefit from This Service?

This service is suitable for parents or guardians who:

  • Seek more information about their child’s development.
  • Want to rule in or rule out autism concerning their children’s behavioural difficulties
  • Are deciding whether to proceed with a costly private autism assessment
  • Need assistance advocating for autism assessment with their family physicians or pediatricians.
  • Have children who were underdiagnosed by BCCAN or CDBC.

Don’t wait until your child’s lagging skills or unmet needs manifest into serious mental health issues or disruptive behaviours. Our screening service is like a dental check-up, offering the early intervention and support your child deserves.


Screening Process

Step 1

Schedule for a discovery call or complete the intake and consent form.


Step 2

After the forms are completed and signed, you would be redirected to pay for $160 deposit or receive an email to e-transfer to


Step 3

After the payment is made, you will receive instructions for some questionnaires.  There may be ones for the child to fill out, but this is optional.

Cherish Clinic will also reach out to you to schedule the sessions.  We have a fix schedule for these sessions and all the sessions will be scheduled closely together.


Step 4

Parent Interview (45minute – 90 minutes depending on complexity)

It is preferred that the child is not present for this session.  The questions that will be asked would be highly specific. Please look through the child’s childhood videos and photos to jot your memory about their development.


Step 5

Child Observation (60 minutes – 90 minutes depending on complexity)

This is a play-based approach or casual peer conversation for older teens. Parents are encouraged to stay and observe. This session has to be in person. For older, cooperative and motivated teens, we can consider online.


Step 6

Discussion and report

If appropriate, Christine will discuss the finding throughout both the parent interview and after child observation.  An additional session can be booked to discuss the result as well.

If needed, Christine will write an advocacy report and offer referrals.


Not sure about the service?

We offer multiple accessible options to communicate with us!