Formal Organizations

Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network (AWN):
Autistic Queer Peers: (local to BC)

Online Education Programs

Facebook Community Groups

Website (Many of these also have social media feeds):

ADHD Alien
Autism on the Inside
Embrace Autism 🌟
The Autistic Advocate
Lived Experience Educator
Neurodivergent Insights
Neurodivergent Narwhals
Sally Cat PDA

Social Media Feeds

Name Type Focus
Allison Davies Content Producer Autistic music therapist
Asiatu Lawoyin Content Producer Race, neurodiversity, and gender
Aspiecomic Collection Lived-experience, Humor
Autie-biographical Comics Content Producer (Comic) Humorous Comic
Chloe Hayden Content Producer (Video) AuDHD Lifestyle
Connor DeWolfe Content Producer (Video) Humour, life hacks
Different not Less Content Producer (Video) Autistic Lived-experience
Dr. Mona Delahooke Content Producer PDA parenting and coaching
Dr. Joey Content Producer (Video) Autistic Psychologist
Dr. Naomi Fisher Content Producer PDA parenting and coaching
Dr. Sandhya Menon Content Producer AuDHD Psychologist
Ellie Middleton Content Producer (Video) ADHD Webinar
Funny Neurodivergent Meme Collection Lived-experience, humor
How to ADHD Content Producer (Video) Awareness education
Hvppyhands Collection Awareness education
I CAN Network Content Producer Awareness education
Jeremy A. Davis Content Producer (Video) Awareness education
Kami Orange Content Producer (Video) Autistic Social Coaching
Kristy Forbes Content Producer PDA parenting and coaching
Martin Balsby Content Producer (Video) AAC Young Adult
Neurowild Content Producer (Visuals) Awareness education
Neurodivergent Memes Member Sourced content Lived-experience, humor
No Nonsense Neurodivergent Content Producer Advocacy
No Pressure PDA Content Producer Awareness education
Paige Layle Content Producer (Video) Autistic Teen
Purple Ella Content Producer (Video) AuDHD Awareness
The Occupational Therapist Content Producer Practical Advice
PDA Our Way Content Producer PDA Awareness
Relatable Memes for ADHD Teens Member Sourced content Teens
Sara Scribbles Content Producers Lived Experience, humours
Sonny Jane Wise Content Producer AuDHD/Queer, advocacy
Summer Farrelly Content Producer (Video) Autistic Teen, Pets
Trauma Geek Content Producer Awareness education
Yo Samdy Sam Content Producer (Video) Autism, Women

Content producers tend to have their creations on multiple platforms.


ADHD for Smart Ass Women
Neurodivergent Woman
Two-Sides of the Spectrum

Video For Kids

Amazing Kids (Autism)
Amazing Things Happen (Autism)
Let’s Talk about ADHD
What’s it like to have ADHD