Tracy’s Services


Educational Consultation

Tracy Smith is an exceptional BC-certified teacher and education consultant, specializing in providing comprehensive support and tailored solutions for learners with additional learning needs or goals. With expertise in monitoring, managing, and creating customized content, Tracy ensures that distance learning tasks and responsibilities are effectively tracked and communicated with parents. She also excels in training tutors for a community-based learning approach, fostering collaboration and engagement beyond the traditional classroom setting. Tracy’s approach to education aligns with Cherish Clinic, emphasizing intrinsic ownership, pleasure in learning, and nurturing curiosity about the world

The Offering

  • Skillfully selecting courses and planning graduation requirements.

  • Expertly negotiating, modifying, or creating tailored curricula for individualized learning programs.

  • Adapting learning approaches and curricula to address the unique learning needs of each child.

  • Sourcing, creating, and delivering engaging course materials.

  • Collaborating with other specialists and actively participating in IEP meetings.

  • Maintaining open communication with school teachers and administrators.

  • Providing comprehensive reports on learning progress and homework.

  • Successfully training education assistants or support workers to effectively deliver course content.

  • Lived experience with supporting family members with pathological demand avoidance (persistent demand for autonomy)

Tracy's principles and boundaries:

  • No unnecessary assignments, particularly rote work, that are not recommended by specialists and lack the child’s consent.

  • Respecting the child’s autonomy by not forcing them to engage in tabletop work.

  • Diligently adhering to IEP accommodations and adaptations.

  • Refraining from working with parents or specialists using a behavioural framework.

  • Ensuring that academic demands remain within the child’s mental, physical, and emotional capacity.

  • Refusing to engage a child who is being forced to comply in learning.

  • Prioritizing the sacred trust and safety of the teacher-student relationship as the foundation of effective learning.

  • Prioritizing trauma-informed approach for children who are “unschooling”

Consultation, Services and Fee Schedule


All services are charged at $125 per hour. There are three tiers to Tracy’s services.

Consultation Only

The family may simply need information and strategies around course selection, planning, and curriculum advocacy, and perhaps attend the IEP meeting. Services are paid on a service basis at $125 per hour plus a case management fee.

Case Management Annual Fee $600

All services are charged at $125 per hour 

Teaching Only

If parents just need a good teacher to teach the content. In this case, Tracy would only be involved in preparing and delivering a curriculum specific to the course as presented.  If the modification was required, the parent or another specialist would be responsible.

Teaching at $125 per hour


Administrative Support

This is support for parents in terms of communicating with the distributed learning programs, monitoring workflow and workload, and reporting on learning. This is for students who can engage with the curriculum as offered by distributed learning with very minimal accommodation and adaptation.

Case Management Annual Fee $600

Weekly Monitoring and Reporting 10 hours per term at $125 per hour.

Individualized Teaching

For students who require individualized modification and adaptation of the course content, Tracy can completely modify the curriculum and create customized content. Tracy can also train another tutor or educational assistant or teach herself.

Case Management
Communication and advocacy with DL & Curriculum Planning
$600 per course

The meeting, training, and all other services at $125 per hour.


Comprehensive Support

This service combines all the services above, allowing parents to just be parents and leave education to the professionals.

Case Management
Communication and advocacy with DL & Analysis and reporting tasks
$3750 per year

Curriculum Planning
$3750 per year

IEP meeting
2 hours per year: $250

Meeting and Training
8 hours per year: $1000

Minimum cost: $7750

Additional Consideration


If travel time exceeds 15 minutes (by car), Tracy will charge for one-way travel at her regular rate.

Case Management Fee

Tracy is very passionate and protective of every child in her care. She thinks about them every day. But she understands that this is a big financial commitment for the family especially if the child has experienced setbacks or incompatibility with other learning support services.  Tracy offers the following service before parents commit to the case management fee, which is non-refundable.

15-minute Initial consultation with the parents


Meet and greet with the child at a park or home

(No teaching would be performed at this meeting)



Tracy’s service is also eligible through distributed learning programs and the autism funding unit. If the family is access to qualifying specialists with at-home funding, we can also invoice Tracy as an assistant. Same for many other funding sources.


Parents can terminate Tracy’s service with two weeks’ written notice.  For level-2 and level-3 services, a fee between $65 to $250 may be charged to ensure proper transition and handover depending on the level of involvement. 

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