Speech and Language Assessment



Good therapists and consultants think about their clients outside of the appointments and invest time, energy, and resources to track, manage, and communicate with and for the clients outside of billable hours. As a result, a therapist can only take on a limited amount of clients or families who need more comprehensive care. Cherish Clinic’s collaboration model removes these barriers, so the client can access these busy experts in collaboration with their existing therapist or consultant who will then integrate the expert knowledge into their ongoing service. When consultations are centralized and collaborated, we can prevent parents from experiencing confusion, contradiction, and fragmented knowledge when they receive information from different specialists.

The Offering

Heather Bishop is one of the most highly sought-after Speech Language Pathologists in BC, but her caseload is always full. This collaboration removes some common barriers that therapists experience in managing caseloads and streamlines the delivery of useful information and recommendations to families about their children’s social pragmatic communication profiles.  Heather specialized in trauma-informed, neurodivergence-affirming, and process-oriented approach in engaging with autistic clients.  Her services is PDA friendly and she has in-depth knowledge and experience in gestalt language processing. 

The consultation process involves optional questionnaires, 3 in person session at Heather’s office, team meeting with Christine.

Heather has allotted 10 consults per year to Cherish Clinic.  Minimum cost of this services is $1320.

Clients of Cherish Clinic can access a Google Classroom monitored and supported by their therapist or consultant with psychoeducational content around many areas of neurodivergent experience for one year.  Christine can seek Heather’s consult on behalf of the client for one year.

Eligible Clients

  • Clients who are Christine’s clients
  • Clients who have gone through Christine’s Collaborative Consultation services.
  • Clients who only receive support services with Cherish Clinic are not eligible because the support worker cannot provide ongoing therapy or consultation.
  • External clients can access this service after going through Christine’s Collaborative Consultation service.

If you are interested, you can also reach out to your consultant or therapist to request a collaboration. If the framework and approach are a match, we will consider it.

No free initial consultation is provided.

Limitation for This Service

  • Heather will not offer any written documents or reports for this service.
  • Parents cannot attend the team meetings between Heather and Christine, nor can it be filmed due to confidentiality. The two would be going through dozens of the shared cases very efficiently and rapidly. Nevertheless, this is cost-effective for the families because there is no additional cost for client discussion that is shorter than 15 minutes. Christine can access Heather for periodic updates and troubleshooting without additional cost.
  • Heather will not offer ongoing SLP services to Christine’s client but, if needed, Christine can advocate for additional sessions for specific issues that need exploration and troubleshooting.
  • Heather has allotted specific time for the assessments and these spots are during school hours.
  • Heather will not attend IEP.
  • Heather will not be able to offer ongoing individual sessions after the consultation.

Consultation Process

Step 1

Client fill out the sensory assessment form.

Once intake is confirmed, we will email the client with consent forms, questionnaires, deposit, and payment arrangement.

Once everything is completed and funding is in place, we will waitlist you.


Step 2


The in-person sessions are current set at Tuesday 9:30am.

There are a little flexibility with the time, but the priority would be to finish the consult within 4 week.


Step 3

Google Classroom

It is HIGHLY recommended that the family or the client review and familiarize with the language section of the material. Or arrange for an online session with Christine to go through the concepts. 


Step 4

Team Meeting

Christine and Heather will meet to talk about the client.

Parent cannot attend nor can it be filmed. Cherish therapist can attend.


Step 5


Christine or lead therapist will go through the content of the meeting through on-going services. 

If there are formal diagnosis, Heather will have an additional meeting with the parents directly.


Step 6

One year Support

Christine can access Heather for questions and support for one year.

Client may be offered additional sessions later as a part of the monitoring process


Fee Schedule

Services Duration Cost Info
Case Management Fee 1 year $360 Can bill as counselling or SLP
3 in-person sessions 3 hour $600 #375 – 2608 Granville St., Vancouver Billed as SLP
Team Meeting 1 hour $360 Online between Christine and Heather Can bill as counselling or SLP

Additional or Optional Services

Services Duration Cost Info
Parent Meeting 1 hour $200 Instead of filling out questionnaires Billed as SLP
Audio analysis 1 hour $200 If required Billed as SLP
Audio Transcription 1 hour $200 If required Billed as SLP
Additional Meeting 1 hour $200 If Heather needs to discuss a formal diagnosis Billed as SLP

The total cost of this service is between $1320 – $2120
We require an approved third-party contract (e.g. AFU) or a non-refundable deposit of $500 before scheduling.
The additional services are for clients who opted to not fill out the extensive questionnaires. Audio analysis is required for clients who may speak differently at home or speak a different language.

Not sure about the service?

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