In-depth Sensory Assessment



Good therapists and consultants think about their clients outside of the appointments and invest time, energy, and resources to track, manage, and communicate with and for the clients outside of billable hours. As a result, a therapist can only take on a limited amount of clients or families who need more comprehensive care. Cherish Clinic’s collaboration model removes these barriers and streamlines, so the client can access these busy experts in collaboration with their existing therapist or consultant who will then integrate the expert knowledge into their ongoing service. When consultations are centralized and collaborated, we can prevent parents from experiencing confusion, contradiction, and fragmented knowledge when they receive information from different specialists.

The Offering

Luc Jeanneau, the owner of EverydayOT, offers an exclusive sensory assessment service with Cherish Clinic.  This is the most in-depth and informative sensory assessment available in British Columbia to date.  Luc is no longer taking on clients. This is a good shortcut to getting some more nuanced or specialized consults that are otherwise not available to those who are not a client with EverydayOT.

The consultation process involves 200-question questionnaires, a Google Classroom psychoeducation foundation, and then a 90-minute team meeting with the client or the parents.  The child does not need to attend.

A visualized report would be offered at the end of the process.  If there are formal diagnoses, that would be mentioned in the report.

Clients of Cherish Clinic can access a Google Classroom monitored and supported by their therapist or consultant with psychoeducational content around many areas of neurodivergent experience for one year.  Christine can seek Luc’s consult on behalf of the client for one year.

Eligible Clients

  • Clients who are Christine’s client
  • Clients who have gone through Christine’s Collaborative Consultation services.
  • Clients who only receive support services with Cherish Clinic are not eligible because the support worker cannot provide ongoing therapy or consultation.
  • External clients can access this service after going through Christine’s Collaborative Consultation service.

If you are interested, you can also reach out to your consultant or therapist to request a collaboration. If the framework and approach are a match, we will consider it.

No free initial consultation is provided.

Limitation for This Service

  • Christine and Luc have set meeting times for this collaboration, so accommodating parents’ availability may not be possible. 
  • When Luc and Christine discuss the client profile, we may use terms and descriptions that families may not be familiar with, but this is necessary for the sake of efficiency and to make sure we get the most out of Luc’s expertise and time.   The Google Classroom would be set up in advance to go through these in-depth terminology.
  • We ask that the parents only observe, but please let us know if we get something wrong and we may also ask you questions. 
  • Luc does not provide follow-up debriefing directly to the family.  Christine or the lead consultant or therapist will provide this service.
  • Luc will not offer ongoing OT services to Christine’s client, but the family is welcome to reach out separately to Everyday OT to seek more services.
  • Luc and Christine will discuss client updates in their regular meeting and use this opportunity to perform follow-up debriefing, troubleshooting,  progress tracking, and feedback.  Due to confidentiality, clients or parents cannot attend these meetings and we cannot record them. This is cost-effective for the families because there is no additional cost for client discussion that is shorter than 15 minutes.
  • If this arrangement is not preferred, the client is also welcome to reach out to Everyday OT to seek the same service instead of going through Christine. However, as this would be an external service for the family, the results would not be as integrated unless otherwise requested. This would come at an additional consultation cost. The families would not be included in future case discussions in the regular meetings otherwise.

Consultation Process

Step 1

Client fill out the sensory assessment form.

Once intake is confirmed, we will email the client with consent forms, questionnaires, deposit, and payment arrangement.


Step 2


Once everything is completed and funding is confirmed or approved, then we will schedule the meeting.  The meeting time is fixed currently on Wednesday 9:30am.


Step 3

Google Classroom

It is HIGHLY recommended that the family or the client review and familiarize with the sensory section of the material. Or arrange for an online session with Christine to go through the concepts. 


Step 4

Team Meeting

Christine, Luc and the client will have the meeting on zoom. 

If this is for minors, it is advise that they do not attend as the information is beyond their understanding.

Client can request for the meeting to be filmed.


Step 5


Christine or lead therapist will go through the content of the meeting through on-going services. 


Step 6

Team Meeting

(online, 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on complexity) 

This involves the referring therapist or consultant, parents, and Christine.  Child involvement is optional.


Fee Schedule

Services Duration Cost Info
Case Management Fee 1 year $80 Can bill as counselling or OT
Team Meeting 90 minutes $240 Christine’s Fee Billed as counselling
Scoring  and Visual Interpretation 2 hour $400 Luc’s Fee Billed as an occupational therapy
Team Meeting 90 minute $300 Luc’s Fee Billed as an occupational therapy

The total cost of this service is $1020.
We require an approved third-party contract (e.g. AFU) or a non-refundable deposit of $500 before scheduling.

Not sure about the service?

We offer multiple accessible options to communicate with us!