Neurodivergence Consultation



Good therapists and consultants think about their clients outside of the appointments and invest time, energy, and resources to track, manage, and communicate with and for the clients outside of billable hours. As a result, a therapist can only take on a limited amount of clients or families who need more comprehensive care. Cherish Clinic’s collaboration model removes these barriers, so the client can access these busy experts in collaboration with their existing therapist or consultant who will then integrate the expert knowledge into their ongoing service. When consultations are centralized and collaborated, we can prevent parents from experiencing confusion, contradiction, and fragmented knowledge when they receive information from different specialists.

The Offering

Christine has a hyperfocus and a specialization in autistic experiences through a neurodivergence-affirmative lens.  She can offer hyper-in-depth and out-of-the-box psychoeducation and unique insight and wisdom into unique challenges and complex problems. Christine has a full caseload and a long waitlist. This is a good shortcut to getting some more nuanced or specialized consults without having to wait.

The consultation process for children is structured (read below). For adults, the client determines how the process would be shaped.  There is a lot of flexibility in this process to accommodate and adapt to the preferences of the collaborators.

Christine offers 12 consultations per year.

The fee is $200 per hour for external referals. $160 per hour for internal referrals. The minimum cost for the whole consult is $1500

Clients of Cherish Clinic can access a Google Classroom monitored and supported by their therapist or consultant with psychoeducational content around many areas of neurodivergent experience for one year. 

Eligible Clients

  • Clients who receive ongoing individualized services from a therapist or consultant at Cherish Clinic

  • Clients who only receive support services with Cherish Clinic are not eligible because the support worker cannot provide on-going therapy or consultation.

  • Christine does accept consultation request from few select consultant or therapist outside of Cherish Clinic.

If you are interested, you can also reach out to your consultant or therapist to request a collaboration. If the framework and approach are a match, Christine will consider it.

This service must be initiated by the therapist or consultant (who will fill the initial intake).

No free initial consultation is provided.

Information for the referring consultants and therapists

This consultation is heavy on psychoeducation and process-oriented problem solving. This is not counselling and therapeutic relationship is not the main focus.

Bio-Psycho-Social-Cultural-Systemic Framework

Neurodiversity Affirmative Model

Assimilative Integration Approach

This can be a general consult providing a broad or in-depth psychoeducation on various aspects of the autistic experience.  This can also be topic-specific such as aggression, harm, suicidal ideation, ARFID, PDA, conversion disorder, etc.

While this consult is process-oriented, Christine will perform an “information dump” at the final team meeting. This is expected to be overwhelming for the parents or clients, but the referring therapist or consultant will understand and integrate the information into their on-going services. We can also bill this service directly to the the referring consultant or therapist.


Limitation for This Service

  • Christine will not offer any written documents or reports for this service.
  • Christine will not offer any additional direct communication with the family afterwards.
  • However, the lead consultant can continue to access Christine during regular consultation meetings or communication. This is cost-effective for the families because there is no additional cost for client discussion that is shorter than 15 minutes. A lead consultant can access Christine for periodic updates and troubleshooting without additional cost. If needed, the lead consultant can advocate for additional sessions for specific issues that need exploration and troubleshooting.
  • Christine will not attend IEP.
  • There will be no ongoing individual sessions after the consultation, but client can remain on the regular waitlist for Christine’s services.

Consultation Process

Step 1

This has to be initiated by the client’s consultant or therapist.

Once intake is confirmed, we will email the client with consent forms and payment arrangement.

Then the client is place on a waitlist.


Step 2

When the waitlist time is approaching, Cherish assistent will reach out to all the parties to arrange for all schedule. 

This consultation must be completed within 4 weeks.


Step 3

Care Review

(online, 30 minutes)

Only the lead therapist and Christine will attend this session.



Step 4

Parent Interview

(online, 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on complexity)

It is preferred that the child is not present for this session. The referring therapist attendance is optional.


Step 5

Child Observation

(inperson, 60 minutes, 3 sessions)

This is a play-based approach or casual peer conversation for older teens. Parents are encouraged to stay and observe. This session has to be in person. For older, cooperative and motivated teens, we can consider online.


Step 6

Team Meeting

(online, 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on complexity) 

This involves the referring therapist or consultant, parents, and Christine.  Child involvement is optional.


Fee Schedule

Services Duration Cost Info
Case Management Fee 1 year $200 Continued collaboration and monitoring This is also the non-refundable deposit for this service.
Case Review 30 minute $100 Collaboration therapists only Online via Zoom
Parent Interview 1.5 – 2 hours $300-400 Parent only (therapist attendance is optional) Online via Zoom
Client Sessions 3 x  60-minute sessions $600 Client (parents and therapist presence is optional) In-person unless the client can only be accessed online
Team Meeting 1.5 – 2 hour $300-400 Parent and therapist (client is optional) Online via Zoom

The minimum cost of this service is $1200 for internal referral and $1500 not including the fee of the other consultant.
We require an approved third-party contract or for private payment, we require a non-refundable deposit of $500 before scheduling.

Not sure about the service?

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