Adult Autism Screening

First, our DIY Navigation is similar to the Embrace Autism service.  We need to acknowledge that Embrace Autism offers a much superior autism screening product for adults than Cherish Clinic.  The differences are minor.  We automated the questionnaire reporting and data gathering to make it easier for clients. Embrace Autism offers a formal autism diagnosis as the third part of their services and we cannot because in BC, they require that a formal assessment be done by psychologists or psychiatrists within the province.

Embrace Autism have all their screening instrument available for free and publicly available. They also go into depth on how reliable and valid each instrument is.  This makes a large portion of our DIY Navigation service redundant. We are also confident that Embrace Autism will win this hyperfocus race of advancement and enhancement of autism screening services in the long term. 

We decided to focused more personal and on lived experience explorations. With Embrace Autism, you get a more reliable and valid result, and with Cherish Clinic, you get a more socio-emotionally attuned understanding of yourself.

Option 1: Do It Yourself (DIY) Navigation

If you prefer to do things on your own and dread talking to people, the process involves filling out a lot of forms and questionnaires on your own time. (about two hours worth). Then all the information will be examined and a detailed report will be generated without additional counselling sessions. This is great for those who prefer to explore their neurodiversity on their own time without having to interact with another human.

The base cost of this service is $400 GST, prepaid. This includes analyzing the submitted information and generating a report.

The client can also schedule a follow-up session to discuss the report with Christine at $160 per hour.

Option 2: Do-It-Together Navigation

The way individuals interpret and self-assess with standardized questionnaires can limit self-exploration.  Our counsellor can walk you through each questionnaire and use the questions as prompts to explore how these characteristics or experiences show up in your life.

This service involves the same amount of questionnaires and forms but is divided into three chunks and 3 counselling sessions in the following sequence:

Initial Consult 15 minutes to gauge areas of focus and approach (Free)
Questionnaires First Set
Exploratory session 60 minutes counselling session to explore and discuss life experiences
Questionnaires Second Set
Exploratory session 60 minutes counselling session to explore experience related to the questionnaires
Questionnaire Final set
Review session 60-minute session to go over all the results

The base cost of this service is $880 GST.  A $160 deposit is required before we begin and the full amount is due before the report is issued.  Clients are also welcome to break it down into smaller chunks or shorter counselling sessions. If the verbal conversation is not preferred, the session can also take place entirely by text or email.

The client can also schedule additional sessions at $160 per hour.

Option 3: Therapeutic Self-Exploration

This is more about the process instead of the checklists, scoring, and end results.  Together with Christine, you can dynamically create and adjust a process that feels good and authentic for you.  This is beneficial to those who:

– wants to understand more about themselves beyond autism or wants to alleviate some imposter syndrome that may come with a new identity. 

– finds tier 1 or tier 2 service inaccessible or has done all the questionnaires on the internet already and doesn’t want to do anymore.

– needs a gentler, slower-paced, and trauma-informed approach to self-discovery

– a screening process that deconstructs and removes the Western paradigm of autism and the Western autism assessment process. 

Because clients customize the whole process, this fee calculation would be a part of the initial consultation.   

Screening Process

Step 1

Schedule for a discovery call or complete the intake and consent form.


Step 2

After the forms are completed and signed, you would be redirected to pay the deposit or receive an email to e-transfer to


Step 3

After the payment is made, you will receive instructions for some questionnaires.  For other options, we will reach out to schedule when your name on the waitlist is up.


Not sure about the service?

We offer multiple accessible options to communicate with us!