Consultation Services

Education Consultation

BC-certified teacher and specialist in personalized learning solutions for learners with unique needs and goals. We tailor support emphasizes collaboration, autonomy, and fostering a love of learning.  We specifically support parents and students trying to access and succeed in distributed learning programs.

System Adocacy

We provide advocacy services across institutional, medical, school, and community systems. Our dedicated team ensures that your voice is heard and your needs are met, promoting equitable access and inclusive environments.

Family Consultation

We offer personalized guidance and support to families facing the challenges of caring for children with additional medical needs or diagnoses through neurodiversity affirming approaches. Together, we create a comprehensive plan for your child’s well-being


Our tutors specialize in tailoring lessons to individual learning styles. Whether you have unique needs, preferences, or goals, we’re here to make learning a personalized and successful journey.



Highly experience speech language pathology assistent to provide cost effective support for children working on authentic communication. This service can potentially be funded through At-home funding as well.


Mandarin Client Support

Collaborative Consultations


Christine's Consultation

Highly specialized psychoeducational professional consultation by Christine, the owner of Cherish Clinic for autistic clients.

Sensory Assessment

In collaboration with EverydayOT, we provide an exclusive, in-depth and integrated sensory assessment. 

Speech Assessment

In collaboration with City Speech Centre, we provide a process oriented, qualitative speech and language assessment, specializing in social pragmatic communication exploration and children with PDA profile.

Not sure which service?

We offer many accessible options to communicate with us and we’ll help connect you with the right service or therapist.