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Extended Health Insurance

Most of our counsellors and some of our support workers are Registered Therapeutic Counsellors.  There are sometimes some technical difficulties in having the services approved. To support our client’s claim success, we have prepared general advocacy forms.  You can also request your therapist for an individualized advocacy letter and also rejection advocacy letter.

Approved Insurer (but please always check with your insurer before starting services):

Alberta Blue Cross

The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan


Equitable Life of Canada

Green Shield Canada

iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.)

Manitoba Blue Cross

Pacific Blue Cross

Sun Life

Victor Insurance

Preapproval required:

Canada Life


Advocacy Letters

Template Letter from the Client

Template Letter from Employer

Advocacy Letter from ACCT 

Your counsellor can also write an individuated advocacy letter on your behalf.  We have a very high success rate in gaining preapproval for counselling services with this method.

Sensory Assessment


Miscellaneous Cost


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If we fill the form for you, it would be $80 per application through our form generator

Email Coorespondance

Email correspondence from therapists that may take 15 minutes to read, process, research, and write are charged at the therapist’s hourly rate, but we would always request for consent to charge before writing. You can also make different fee arrangements with your therapist. 


When travel is more than 15 minutes (by bus route by Google Maps), we charge travel for one way.  For example, if the travel is 30 minutes to the client’s designation, then we charge or 30 minutes at the therapist’s hourly rate. 


There are charges for paperwork that is more than 15 minutes to put together at the therapist’s hourly rate, but the therapist will always ask for consent first.