Autism Funding Guide

How to submit an RTP

Learn how to efficiently submit a request to pay on the family portal for autism funding, ensuring timely support for your needs.

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Step 1: Log In to the Family Portal

If you already have an personal BCeID, you can access the family portal on any internet browser:  Click on “Log in” and enter your account information. If you do not have an BCeID, you can easily registered one online here.  

Step 2: Select the Desired Funding Account

Click “View Details”.

If you have just applied for Autism Funding, then it may take a few days for the funding to show up on your family portal. 


Step 3: Request to Pay Link

Click on the Request to Pay a Service Provider Link.

The amount of immediately available funds would be shown under “Remaining Fund”. 

You can also click on “View Authorization” to see how your funding has been allocated or spent.  Remember authorized fund does not mean the money has already been spent. You can adjust unspent funding or “amount remaining” with “Request to Amend Authorization”.


Step 4: Add a New Provider

Click on “Add a New Provider”



Step 5: Input Provider Information

Put in the information about your providers. Here we use Cherish Clinic’s Information. 

Then, click “Continue”.



Step 6: Input Desired Amount and Dates

1. For simplicity sake, you can copy the “current Funding Period” dates into the start and end dates.

2. The total amount should be the session rate x number of sessions. *

3. Select the type of service you are applying for.  If you don’t know, select “Behavioural Interventionist”

4. The hourly rate for the service. If you don’t know, select “$100” *

Documentation Upload is optional.

5. Click “Submit”.

* Calculating the total amount is a common mental block for parents. You can ask your service provider for an estimate. After deducting holidays and sick days, children attend about 44 weeks of weekly sessions or 22 weeks of bi-weekly sessions per year on average.

*  Service providers can adjust their invoices when submitting. $100 provides easy calculation. 

Step 7: Confirm Appointment Reservation (Cherish Clients Only)

1. Click on “Home” on the top right side of the screen

2. Click on “Messages”

3. Select the most recent email “Autism Funding Request to Pay”

4. Click on the Request_to_Pay.pdf

5. Download or screenshot the PDF and email it to to confirm your appointment reservation.


Step-by-Step Visual Guide

How to Submit a Request to Pay on the Family Portal

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