Welcome to Empowered Swearing for kids! We understand that many neurodivergent children use taboo language as a way to communicate, express their emotions, or verbally stim. Unfortunately, they often face negative feedback and rejection for doing so.

But here’s the thing – adults swear too, and we appreciate the power of profanity when used in the right context. That’s why we’ve created this camp specifically for neurodivergent children to freely explore and master the art of swearing. While neurotypical children may have the privilege of learning the nuances and complexity of swearing by observation, we believe it’s essential for neurodivergent children to have a safe space where they can be themselves, belong, and express themselves authentically.

Maximum 5 children

$600 for 4 sessions. 90 minutes per session. 

How groups happen at Cherish

At Cherish Clinic, we are quite specific when it comes to matching group members… at the expense of practicality and financial viability.  We match clients using the Double Empathy Problem model and asking the question “can the group members seamlessly get along with each other?”  We look at neurological profiles, communication profiles, personalities, interests, preferences, accessibility needs, scheduling etc etc. For example, the empowered swearing morbid camp and the sensitive houseplant morbid camp would benefit different types of children, and if only one child is into pokemon in a group, that just won’t work.  As a consequence, group events rarely happen at Cherish, but we have a lot of demands, but not many matches.

What has worked best has been a client-initiated and community-led approach to groups.  For example, a parent may recruit neurodivergent friends of their children first and Cherish will recruit more participants to this core group of children. Some parents will advertise in local neurodivergent community groups seeking participants they know their children would get along with.  If you have 4 compatible kids, we will happily run it.

Next option is to join our waitlist and make sure to describe the child in as much detail as possible. If we have enough people with the same similarity or a core group needs additional participants, we will run the group. 

If you have any questions, please use the comment section below.