This workshop explores autistic experience from the social model of disability, by placing participants in an autistic-centred environment.  In this workshop, neurotypicalness is marginalized. 

Some therapists called this the autistic baptism. Some calls this the autistic pressure cooker. Some likened it to ableism inoculation. This workshop is meant to be brutally uncomfortable, confusing, and anxiety producing…. unless you are autistic.  If you are autistic, then this workshop is quite cathartic, fun, and super hilarious. 

The goal is to elicit discomfort within you and facilitate an opportunity to explore that discomfort with nuance. This experience will not magically make a professional neurodiversity-affirming, but the continual process of owning and exploring the discomforts will increasing their capacity for critical thinking and cultural humility. This event is also part of the interview or training process at Cherish Clinics for all service provider and practicum students.

We need to heavily emphasize that this experience is intentionally unpleasant for the neuro-majority. This experience may trigger anger for those with more social privileges or unprocessed trauma around power and authority.

How this group “happens” at Cherish:

If you have not been sufficiently deterred, we put on this event twice a year scheduled around the practicum schedules of various therapy schools in the fall and then before spring break. If there are enough people on the waitlist or request from an organization, we can also facilitate more.

There is also a parent version of this event.