In the world of therapy, where the norm often becomes the unchallenged path, Micaela offers a breath of fresh air. As a music therapist at our clinic, she brings a unique perspective that challenges conventional approaches.

Micaela steps away from the traditional routes of music therapy that often isolate music and sound from our broader experiences. She recognizes that focusing solely on the artificial creation of patterns and the combination of classical notes can miss the essence of individual experience. In her practice, music isn’t just a set of notes or rhythms; it’s an integral part of a larger, more holistic human experience.

In her sessions, you won’t find Micaela forcing guitar tunes as a one-size-fits-all approach. She understands that therapy is a personal journey, where the client, not the therapist’s itinerary or performance, takes the centre stage. This philosophy resonates deeply with clients who find conventional therapy models restrictive, especially those with PDA.

Micaela’s approach is about breaking down the barriers of what we traditionally consider music therapy. It’s not about neurotypical songs or rhythms; it’s about how each individual uniquely experiences music. Her goal? To allow each person to discover and enjoy music in their own way, without the constraints of what is often deemed ‘normal’ or ‘appropriate.’  This approach requires understanding each person deeply and building strong connections. Micaela emphasizes the importance of relationships in education, believing that when students feel seen and believed in, they open up more and become motivated to learn and engage.

This perspective comes from her lived experience, adding authenticity to her methods. It’s a reminder that in the realm of therapy, one size does not fit all. Micaela’s work is a testament to the power of understanding and respecting the individuality in each of our experiences with music and sound.

At Cherish Clinic, Micaela is not just a music therapist; she’s a pioneer, guiding us towards a more inclusive and understanding approach to therapy. Her work is a reminder that in the symphony of life, every individual’s melody is unique and worth hearing.