Cherish Clinic has a strong commitment to the neurodiversity affirmative framework and approaches. The clinic as a whole is compliant with the Neurodiversity Therapist Collective and this means that we do not offer any behavioural intervention, modification, or strategies.  All of our therapists are neurodivergent.

To prevent confusion and frustration, these two short videos also help explain our approach:
Social Model of Disability (1:26min)
What makes a good therapist for your autistic child (7:18)

Behavioural modification and interventions (ABA, social thinking, etc) are contraindicative with the social model and can actually cause the families and their children to experience confusion, anxiety, and conflict. If parents hire and enrol their children in those programs or therapy, we cannot start or would have to pause our service. We will also not collaborate with therapists using behavioural approaches.