Today, we want to discuss something very important to both us and you—our approach to Autism Funding billing and invoicing.

At Cherish Clinic, we operate under an anti-oppression framework, ensuring all clients are treated with respect and equity, regardless of their background or challenges. This commitment is at the heart of our mission as we strive to create a supportive and safe environment for everyone we serve. We are also transitioning to a benefit company, which will allow us to further embed our core values into every facet of our operations, enhancing our impact on social and environmental well-being alongside our therapeutic services.

We offer robust third-party billing support to help families access government, institutional, or charitable funding resources. Understanding the complexity of these systems, especially for neurodivergent families overwhelmed by paperwork, we go to great lengths to protect families from financial barriers that hinder access to our services.

Special Note on Autism Funding Unit Policies:

The Autism Funding Unit typically takes an average of eight weeks to approve a service provider contract, posing a potential financial barrier. To bridge this gap and prevent a two-tier system in accessing services, Cherish Clinic takes on some of the financial risk by:

  • Allowing clients in crisis to begin sessions before an approved contract.
  • Utilizing a creative scheduling system to protect therapists’ income.
  • Occasionally prepaying therapists for clients with pending contracts.

We commit to bending over backward, within legal and ethical boundaries, to provide maximum billing flexibility and administrative support. Cathy, our administrative wizard, is well-known in the community for her exceptional ability to make magic happen.

Here’s what you need to know about our clinic policy regarding the Request to Pay Process:

  1. Confirmation Required: We need a screenshot confirming the RTP submission to ensure details are correct.
  2. Scheduling Policy: We schedule the first session 4 weeks from the RTP submission date.
  3. Grace Period: We provide a 4-week grace period for AFU clients before settling the account, with a maximum of $500 total owed, whichever comes first.

We sometimes extend these terms for extenuating circumstances. We also strive to avoid settling invoices through private pay unless absolutely necessary to maintain our clinic’s integrity and financial health.

Resources for You:


Can I pay session privately, then have the clinic invoice the same session to AFU and then reimburse me? 

No, we would be defrauding the government if we double invoice. However, if the private payment was made by mistake, we would be very happy to provide a refund before invoicing AFU for the session.

What if I initially said I wanted to pay privately, but I changed my mind and wanted Cherish to invoice the session to AFU instead?

If we do not have an existing AFU contract for this service, then the family must pay privately for the sessions rendered already and for all sessions that would occur within 4 weeks after a confirmed RTP submission. After that period, then we can switch to AFU billing.

What if I cancelled the RTP or reallocated the funding away from a pending contract? 

Then, we will have to apply our private payment policy and request that accounts be settled within 4 weeks of the first session or a $500 maximum threshold, whichever comes first.  We may pause service until this is sorted out.  We understand that mistakes and miscommunication can happen and we will always try our best to be flexible and give families opportunities to amend the situation as long as it is within the clinic’s integrety and financial health.


We understand the challenges and are here to support every step of the way. Thank you for trusting Cherish Clinic with your care.