Cherish Gmail Account

You will receive an email notification from Google to activate your @cherishclinic.com email account.

Email Signature


  • There is no company-set template
  • Your preferred name
  • Pronoun
  • Designation
  • “CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: This email transmission and any accompanying attachments may be subject to solicitor/client privilege or may contain confidential or privileged information. Any use of the information by unintended recipients is prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please delete it and the attachments immediately and contact me by telephone or email. Thank you.”
  • Other information you would like
  • Creativity is welcomed, but do not attach image files.

If there are cultural considerations around this, please let us know.

Google Workspace

Google Spaces

[Where to find space?]

Logistical Communication and Update Here
Please say hi and introduce yourself

Chatty Chat Chat
Discussions, humour, casual conversation, memes, and content sharing

Job Boards
Therapist Job Board, TSW Job Board, and Consultant Job Board
This is where requests would be posted.
Job-specific conversations and collaborations
Check out  New Client Workflow for clients bidding.

Google Chat

[Where to find chat?]
[How to turn history off]

All conversations involving clients should happen within the Google ecosystem, so Google chat is used (with history off) to communicate internally or with clients.  We recommend defaulting to this platform for asynchronous therapy sessions with clients as well.

Google Drive


Cherish does not permit saving client information directly on your electronic device, except parent contact information (as initials) for emergency purposes.  Therefore, all client files should go into your Google Drive or Client Janeapp.


Google Classrooms

Company Policy and Manual
Because the company is still in its infancy, the company manual is updated frequently and new information is added.  If you are assigned Work safe reading materials, you need to acknowledge in the comment section that you read it.

Professional Development
A bit of a passion project, an information treasure trove, and conversational learning

If you are consultant or case managing, Cherish can provide you with a copy of the Professional Development platform for client psychoeducation.



Janeapp Account

General Setup Guide and Cool Tricks

You will receive a Janeapp notification in your new cherish gmail to set up your Janeapp account.

Under [Edit/Setting]

  • Upload your photo
  • A two-sentence bio

Under [Billing]

  • Put in your licensing number (if you have one)


Set up/Check Your Services

Information needed to create new service

Synchronous Service: the client and service provider meet and interact in real-time
Use Appointment treatment, classes, or groups: under [Treatment/Classes]

  • Turn on/off the services you want

For billing purposes, all services have standardized names. If you need a service with a different duration, price, or setup, please contact Cathy with all the information you would need.  

Non-synchronous services: e.g. Report writing, case management, travel fee
Use Product or Package

For billing purposes, most service products have standardized names.  If you need a service with a different duration, price, or setup, please contact Cathy. 

Set up Your Schedule

[How to set up your Janeapp schedule]
[How to set up good shifts]

Please set up shifts for initial consultations.

If you would like your clients to book your service via Janeapp, please set up shifts for that as well.

Test your service booking via the Cherish Online Booking Site

This is the most common mistake using Janeapp for the first time.  Your shift must contain and match the tags of the service you wish to provide during that shift. If you leave tags empty, then the appointments with tags cannot be scheduled during that time.

[How tags work]


Main Bio and Kids Bio

Bio Template and Instruction
I know looks like a lot. Just tackle what you can, and we can body double you through the rest.

Blog contribution and advertisement

Posting on the Cherish Blog is highly encouraged as a way to advertise new services or regular features.  You can ask Christine for access.

You can share whatever you write here on your social media and it would look soooo fancy.

New Client Workflow

A checklist is avaliable on the very bottom.

Initial Consultation Training

Verbal Informed Consent

According to clinic policy (anti-oppression, disability rights, or CRSJ) and your licensing requirement

Quick Client Information

Information you would need or like to have to make this a positive and productive experience for the client

List of information you need

Scheduling and Logistics

Scope of the service, plans, itinerary, activities, boundaries,  any additional cost or fees?

Online, in person, in the community, synchronous or asynchronous. Are you driving?  

What day, time, duration?
When is the start date? (check AFU payment policy)

Payment, accommodation, adaptation, safety plan, triggers, communication preferences, troubleshooting

Safety Plan

If there is concern about the client’s safety or your safety, then a safety plan would be required. Then the first session should be used to plan safety. If you are getting a safety plan kid for the first time, reach out to christine@cherishclinic.com for further training

If you have never done an initial consultation before or would like to practice, contact Christine to schedule a practice.