New Client CRM

Client can contact us via all sort of different methods.  When we receive an inquiry, regardless how, a customer card on Cherish’s New Inquiry CRM is created for them.

New Inquiry

Christine will personally sort all new inquiries

  • Filter out all requests that are not compatible with our clinic or do not match our offerings.
  • Begin matching or gather more information through email or meeting.

During the discovery process, Christine will gather all the information to ensure a successful match. Here is the information she uses to determine matches:

  • Service providers’ preferences, scheduling, availabilities, service offerings, and location.
  • Communication compatibility using Dr. Milton’s Double Empathy Framework
  • Lived-experience similarity
  • Energy level: for example, matching children requiring a lot of gross motor activities and big expressive plays with a therapist who matches that.

Administrative tasks are hard for ND therapists and clients

Getting all the necessary information from clients is a collaborative task at Cherish Clinic.

Cathy and I will always try.  Legally, it is the therapist’s responsibility to ensure they have all the client information required by their licensing body or by Cherish policy and procedures.

Matching Section

Never Start Paid Sessions Without Payment Confirmation

For your own financial protection, please do not start sessions without payment arrangement confirmation from Cathy. If an exception is requested, only the therapist has the right to make that decision.  If you started the session without payment confirmation email from Cathy or Christine, we will assume you have consented to the payment policy exception.

From this point on, the workflow is very dynamic and fast-paced.

Direct Matches

Criteria for direct match (1, 2, or 3 and then all the rest)

  1. The client has named you specifically, or
  2. The client has named your type of therapy and you are the only person providing that therapy, or,
  3. The client contacted you directly via your email or booked directly with you via Janeapp.
  4. The client’s schedule preferences match yours
  5. You are accepting new clients
  6. You are not accepting more than 4 new clients within the last two weeks.

If the client has named you or you are the sole provider of the therapy they are requesting, we will skip the discovery call and forward the information directly to you.

Please communicate with Cathy or Christine when you receive a client via direct email, Janeapp or other more personal methods.

Specific Matches

When new inquiries is received, Christine will always attempt to make specific matching through upselling in discovery calls because these clients have the best match success and retention.

If a specific match is made:

  • The therapist will receive an email of the match. This can look like a form or simple email, and maybe more information via Janeapp notes may also be offered.

Job Posting

Job Posting happens when:

  • The inquiry is informal
  • The inquiry isn’t specific to Cherish
  • Multiple therapist qualifies for the inquiry
  • For odd or specific inquiries Christine cannot make a direct match
  • Christine is hoping someone can take on a client with difficulties or emergencies even if their caseload is full.

Job Posting is done in the Therapist or Support Worker Google Workspace Section via “Task”

  • You can ask more questions
  • You can assign yourself to the job
  • If more than one person volunteers, everyone will be presented to the clients for them to pick.

If the inquiry is old or there are other factors, then Christine will present the options and get a confirmation. If the inquiry is new, then an email will be sent to the client and therapist(s) immediately.

Matching Timeline

Once a therapist receives an email from Cherish about a match, the therapist must respond to their leads within two business days.

We presume the competence of our therapist to monitor intake, intake clients, and communicate changes in availabilities. Remember you are the boss.  If you need any accommodation or additional support, please let us know.

You can offer initial consult or skip that directly to paid session (depends on your arrangement with Cherish).

    • Read the available content about the client, especially the accommodations.
    • If you do not see payment arrangement information, ask.

Private Payment:

  • You may book and proceed with these sessions immediately.
  • We require full payment immediately after the first session via credit card or e-interac.
  • A secure Janeapp credit card form can be sent to them in advance but it is the therapist’s responsibility to process credit card payments right after the session.
  • If the previous session is not shown as paid, it is the therapist’s responsibility to follow up with the client and maintain payment compliance.
  • Check our Payment Policy for more information.

AFU and another third-party funding source.

  • You may reserve a schedule slot for the client but you may not begin immediately.
  • We wait 4 weeks for parents’ AFU RTP confirmation
  • On average, Distribute Learning takes 2 weeks to approve a new contract AFTER parents contact them.
  • On average, Charity funding takes 4-6 weeks after parents send in their application.

Parents must initiate these steps, but Cherish can offer a lot of different support for this process.


  • Overcommunicate with Cherish’s admin team. Never assume we know what is going on with your client.
  • There are no dump questions
  • cc-Cathy when you email the client for the first time.
  • forward the client confirmation email to Cathy


  • Let Cathy know the result of your initial intake or when you have scheduled or reserved a spot for your client.
  • Let Christine know if a lead has gone cold or there is a problem.


Trick of initial consult scheduling

Offer the option for the initial consultation and include a link to your Janeapp booking. This is optional if a discovery call is already done. If you have specific information you would like to ask on your behalf during the discovery call, please let Chris know.

What if the client does not respond

If the client does not respond in three business days, send another friendly email like this.

Hello [name],

I am just checking in to see if you are still interested in my [service detail].  I have reserved [day/time of the appointment] for you. Please let me know before [3 business days from the day of this email] if you would like to proceed. 

Intake Process


The intake process is process-oriented and collaborative in this neurodivergent workspace. This is a collaborative effort, especially when the client has challenges with communication and executive functioning.  All of us have to act dynamically to support this process.

Cathy may or may not have begun the intake process during the matching process. Why?

  • Clients are not sure until they meet you.
  • Clients were juggling different funding sources
  • The client is not responding to our email
  • We are delayed in getting to the client.
  • You didn’t let us know you have started with a client.
  • Third-party payment process problem

What information do we need to start the service:

  • Client full name
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Emergency contact and phone number
  • Important medical information (allergies, safety plan)
  • Confirmed payment arrangement.
  • For minors, guardian name and contact info
  • For some adults, they may have a case worker or guardians, in this case, we will need their contact info as well. 

The liability of having necessary information belongs to the therapist

In the eyes of law, ethical codes, and procedures, the responsibility goes to the service provider.  Cherish is here to help with the process, but we are not liable.  So the therapist should always check. 

Client Feedback

  1. Cathy will email you when a payment arrangement is confirmed and you can begin your session.
  2. Please email Cathy the date of your first session or after your first session as occurred
  3. A timer would be set and an automated email would be sent to the client to get feedback in the following interval from the first session
  • one month
  • three months
  • six month

Please let Cathy know if the client has paused the service or stopped service.  If you know the reason, please let us know as well.  A separate timer would be set to check back with the client within 3 months of stopping service.  To avoid miscommunication, please communicate with Cathy about the client status.

Handy Checklist for Service Providers

Inform Cathy:

  • The result of your initial consult
  • The client’s decision around payment arrangement or change in payment arrangement (if we did not collect this information prior)
  • Date of the first session
  • The client paused or stopped the service.

Before the paid session, you should check for:

  • All necessary client information lists mandated by your licensure or Cherish policy
  • Either a credit card on file or a payment confirmation email from Cathy