Getting Paid

Did you….

Confirm payment arrangement

Did you confirm the payment arrangement with either the client and/or Cathy before starting? 

Did you follow the payment policies? 
Did you receive a confirmation to start service email from Cathy or Christing for client using third party funding?

[Payment policy]

Arrive your appointments

Did you arrive at your client’s appointments?
[How to arrive at your appointment]

Did you write at least 3 words per session?

Billing non-synchronous service

Did you add or make sure travel was added (if you travelled)
[how to add travel or extra fees that are attached to your appointment?]

Depending on the funding structure, this can be done as a billing code

[Third Party Funding Billing Code]
[Add as product as a part of the session]
[Add as a product separate from scheduled sessions]

Communicate with Cathy

When Cathy asked you a question, such as

“Does this client require GST?”

Even though you don’t know the answer, did you reply to her and problem-solve this question?

Apply Credit Card Payment ($100+ per hour only)

[instruction on applying for payments]

We can apply the rest, but you need to have applied credit card payment immediately after session if your service is more than $100 per hour.

Communicate with Elissa

Did you communicate with Elissa?

She needs your:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Sin number (you can phone her instead of email)
  • Type of employment (contractor or employee)
  • If you pay for your own worksafe, a clearance letter.

Invoice FAQ

What Invoice?

Elissa will send you an automated email to approve the invoice.  It has two factors authentification that involves your phone. You must review and sign the invoice.


Why is commission deducted before I am paid?
Why is the services rendered two months ago still not paid?
Worksafe Deduction?

Yeah, that is a legal requirement for all services in BC.  If you are a contractor, you can consider having your private worksafe account. Then, you can send Elissa the clearance letter to avoid this fee.

Getting the money

How often?

Once a month.


How do I get the money?


direct deposit for employees



Cherish has an approved GST exemption application in place. It is super complicated. 

Brief Summery:

If the client has an active autism funding unit contract (AFU), all services that would be eligible under AFU would be GST exempted even if the client pays privately for it.

  • For under 6 contracts, counselling rendered by RTC is not GST-exempted.  The invoice must show behavioural intervention.
  • AFU provides counselling for family members of the client who reside in the same house and therefore those counselling for these clients are also GST exempted.

Cherish’s GST exemption does not protect contractors, so please consult an accounting specialist.

If you have offered more than $30000 of GST-eligible service as a contractor, then you may need to set up your own GST account.   However, Cherish Clinic cannot provide you with an accurate GST-eligible service total due to our unique GST-exemption status. 



Contractors can request for a T4A at the end of the year from Elissa.

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