Sara Anderson

RTC – Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Availability: Monday, Sunday

  • Has avaliabilities on Monday Morning and Sunday afternoon.

Sessions type: in-person

Email: (interested client should contact through


  • Children
  • Seniors

Area of Support

Imaginal based exploration and processing for the highly sensitive and highly intuitive.


  • Anxiety
  • Autistic Inertia
  • Gestalt Language Processing (lived-experience)
  • Grief
  • Highly Sensitive Person
  • Low Self-Worth
  • Situational Mutism
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance (no aggression)

Approaches in Therapy

Lived Experience Framework

Expressive Arts Therapy
Neurodivergent Lived-experience
Play Therapy
The Sacred Gardener


Long Term Counselling

For clients who receives weekly or bi-weekly services, all services have the same rate

$130 per hour

Therapeutic Support Services

Home-based individualized companionship for sensitive children

$60 per hour + travel

Therapeutic Swiming

Therapeutic swimming experience for children

$75 per 30 minute
$100 per 45 minute

As an expressive arts therapist, registered therapeutic counsellor, group facilitator, and artist, my practice is highly versatile, built upon curious creativity for what is possible. With compassion, I meet clients, including children, where they are at. My experience spans working with adults and children of diverse backgrounds and abilities, bringing a calm and caring approach to my work.

My approach is gentle, focusing not on ‘fixing’ anyone or anything, but rather on encouraging self-discovery and enhancing life skills such as relations to others, emotional well-being, behaviours, and communication. This is achieved through play, curiosity, and witnessing, recognizing that every person has a unique story, experience, and way of being. It’s important to me that clients can be fully themselves.

I am here to listen and offer gentle disruptions to expand the possibility for healing and connection to being human. Perhaps you need someone to witness your creativity, or you seek a play partner in your creative explorations. I am here for you.

I have special interests in addressing issues like depression, anxiety, shame, grief and loss, life transitions, loneliness, shyness, situational mutism, and social communication differences.

Unique Services

Cherish Clinic therapists are encouraged to deconstruct what it means to provide therapy and individualize their service offerings

Communication Profile

Finding the right therapist often comes down to compatible communication profiles between the therapist and client.

Professional Licensure and Training

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada
Expressive Arts Therapy, Vancouver School of Healing Art
Healing Shame: Caring for the Wounded Heart
Hokomi Method

Advanced Applied-Suicide Intervention Training, ASSIST
Post-Suicide Counselling and Recovery, ASSIST Suicide to Hope

“Most things I do don’t give certificates”

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