Pam Kozdrowski

Character Pam
Gender: Female
Race: Neurospicy Woodland Elf
Age: 54
Class: Druid
Alter-Ego Gecko
Background: Far Traveller


  • Excitability
  • Calmness
  • Silliness
  • Chattiness
  • Head in the Cloud Imagination

Skill Proficiencies:

-9 Deception (can’t get away with lying)
+10 Perception (always noticing everything around me)
+12 Nature (trees, plants, ocean)
+12 Insight (Plant wellness)
+8 Investigation (super curious about anything new)
– 3 Dexterity (walking is a hazard for me)

Alignment and Personality:

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ideal: I am the champion of compassionate justice

Bonds:  I break the stupid rules.

Flaws: Speaking bluntly and can accidentally offend someone even though I don’t mean to.  If someone rejects me, it hurts my heart and stomach.






Hyperfocus: Plants, pottery

Spending time in nature

French fries, cheesecake


Feats and Specialties

  • Whimsical Nature Wondering
  • Play Therapy
  • Soothing Gameplay Companion
  • Imaginative Adventure, Exploration and Experimentation
  • Seaside Discovery Play


  • Solar-Powered Treasure Hunter
  • Whimsical Trail Blazer Companion Emblem
  • Blunt Speaker Life Time Achievement Award

Information for Parents and Caregivers:

Pam has a unique and nurturing way of working with children, which can be best described as holding each child in a loving, present, and attentive manner. She ensures that every child feels seen, heard, and understood. Her approach is not just about imparting knowledge, but about creating an environment where the child can explore, question, and learn in a natural and engaging way.

In one memorable instance, Pam and a child came across a cluster of small mushrooms. Among these, there was a peculiar, larger bump in the soil. The child’s curiosity was piqued, and they reached out to touch it, asking, “What is this?” In her usual grounded and informative manner, Pam responded, “It’s a mushroom and it is still growing. When its head pops above the soil, it will be a mushroom. Right now, it is still getting ready.”


Pam, in her professional role, understands the importance of clear communication and strong relationships with the parents of the children she works with. She prioritizes communication that revolves around logistics and essential aspects of her work with their child, ensuring that all necessary information is shared in a concise and timely manner.