Lexxus Anderson

Character Lex
Gender: Female
Race: Neurospicy Earth Genasai
Age: 28
Class: Bard: College of Lore
Alter-Ego Squirrel
Background: City Watcher: Watcher’s Eyes


  • Excitability
  • Calmness
  • Silliness
  • Chattiness
  • Head in the Cloud Imagination

Skill Proficiencies:

-9 Deception (can’t get away with lying)
+10 Perception (always noticing everything around me)
+12 Nature (trees, plants, ocean)
+12 Insight (Plant wellness)
+8 Investigation (super curious about anything new)
– 3 Dexterity (walking is a hazard for me)

Alignment and Personality:

Moral Alignment: True Neutral

Ideal: In a world where every action can lead to unknown consequences, and every person has a story veiled in mystery, I believe in the power of questions over the rush of action. I am not one to act rashly or make decisions on impulse.

Bonds:  I can feel other people’s emotions very strongly and I don’t have control over that.  I have an intense bond with my cat.

Flaws: Irrational fear of spiders and deep water.  When I am nervous, I stutter pretty badly.



Video game: I play Sims in extreme family or relationship situations.

Hyperfocus: Nails, skincare

Bings watching shows

Obsessed with my cat and we have difficulty being apart.


Feats and Specialties

  • Whimsical Nature Wondering
  • Play Therapy
  • Soothing Gameplay Companion
  • Imaginative Adventure, Exploration and Experimentation
  • Healing Kitchen Play


  • Gymnastic Champion of Odd Facial Muscles
  • Shirt Stain Savant Life Time Achievement Award 
  • Master of Inconvienent Zoning-Out

Information for Parents and Caregivers:

Since I was 12, I’ve faced challenges with anxiety and depression. A lot of this was mainly influenced by family dynamics but was intensified by pressures at school and with friends. Despite my efforts, academic struggles persisted and I encountered difficulties in forming connections, leading to experiences of bullying and isolation. I felt really alone in my experience and often felt judged for not succeeding like other peers. In early adulthood, I finally had the capacity to be able to recognize the need for additional support – I turned to a counsellor, marking a significant turning point in my life.

Over the years, I worked a lot of my own struggles, and gained a resilience and strength I still hold today. As I was in this journey, I found a passion for helping others and in a way, filling a void I felt during my own youth. I came across counselling school and was able to further learn coping skills while being able to appreciate my unique qualities, develop self-confidence and transform my perspective. Now I feel like I am living with a purpose to help children and adults in a way that they can feel empowered rather than confused or weak and can hopefully make their life a little easier.

Lexxus excels in creating a comfortable, child-centred environment in her therapy sessions. She naturally forms a secure bond with her young clients, especially those who are neurodivergent, who often seek physical closeness with her for comfort and security. Her approach is adaptable and playful, engaging children with a sense of humour that resonates with them. Lexxus often elaborates on their funny remarks, bringing laughter and lightness to the sessions. This ability to connect through humor and understanding makes her an effective and beloved therapist among her young clients. 

Counselling and Play Therapy:

Lexxus encourages a collaborative yet focused approach with parents in her therapy sessions. She values their involvement and communication, aiming to keep them engaged and informed about their child’s progress. However, she emphasizes her role as the child’s therapist, ensuring that the sessions remain child-centred. This balanced strategy allows parents to be supportive partners in the process without becoming overly involved in the therapy itself.

Support Work:

Lexxus maintains a supportive and empathetic relationship with the parents of the children she works with. She recognizes the importance of being a good listener, offering a space where parents can share their concerns and experiences. Lexxus excels at providing encouragement and validation, acknowledging the challenges and successes parents face in supporting their children. This empathetic approach fosters a positive and trusting relationship, ensuring that parents feel heard, understood, and valued as key partners in their child’s therapeutic journey.