Cathy Mak

Administrative Assistant

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Availability: Email or text only

Email: or

Administrative Support

Third Party Invoicing

Hello! I’m Cathy, a devoted parent to four incredible children, two of whom are wonderfully neurodivergent. Originally from Hong Kong, I’ve embraced the journey of blending my cultural heritage with the diverse experiences of living abroad. This unique perspective has enriched my approach to parenting and community involvement. My life is a tapestry of challenges and joys, deeply influenced by my experiences as an immigrant and a mother. I’m passionately involved in our local school and community services, aiming to contribute positively wherever I can. In my downtime, I find joy and solace in baking and crafting, activities that connect me to my roots and spark my creativity.

Unique Services

In addition to the being the backbone of the Cherish operation, Cathy can also offer families and services provider some limited virtual administrative support.