Beth Busby

Character Beth
Gender: Female
Race: Neurospicy Forest Gnome
Age: 41
Class: Bard: College of Lore
Alter-Ego Turtle
Background: Guild Artisan: Music and Weaving


  • Excitability
  • Calmness
  • Silliness
  • Chattiness
  • Head in the Cloud Imagination

Skill Proficiencies:

+9 Animal Handling
+7 History knowledge
+12 Nature knowledge
+12 Survival (can survive zombie apocalypse)
-10 Navigation (Got lost in a town with three blocks)
-10 Visual Processing (Facial Blindness and can’t see in 3D)

Alignment and Personality:

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good

Ideal: I want everyone to thrive.

Bonds:  I am quick to think of people and furry creatures as family.

Flaws: I become upset when people make someone else have a bad day on purpose. I am terrible at PvP in ANY games.



Video Games: Minecraft, Roblox

Films, TV shows, and Theatre

Spending time with my bunny, turtle, and other people’s cats and dogs. 

Philomathy: consumption of knowledge

Hyperfocus: too many to count. I am curisous about everything.


Feats and Specialties

  • Daytime excursion to all sorts of cool places like Science World, aquarium, Bunny Cafe, etc
  • Kid-led Video Gaming


  • Film Pirate: Master of Movie Marauding
  • Jack of All Trivia: The Maestro of Miscellaneous Musings
  • The Directionally Daring: Grandmaster of Getting Lost

Information for Parents and Caregivers:

“There was one time when I met a family for the first time. It was in a city I was temporarily staying at. The kids and I connected over the local aquarium life and we talked about ocean life the entire time I was there. We looked up information about it and we looked up the geography of the places we both have been. By the end of the night, the parents were asking when I was next available. I had to tell them I didn’t live in that city.”

Beth’s approach is collaborative and personalized. She takes the time to understand the specific needs and dynamics of each family, offering tailored advice and strategies. Whether it’s streamlining morning routines, organizing living spaces for more efficient use, or creating a family calendar that works for everyone, Beth’s goal is to help families find balance and peace in their daily lives.

By working with Beth, parents gain not just a support worker for their children, but a partner in optimizing their family system. She is there to guide, support, and empower parents, turning everyday challenges into opportunities for growth and harmony.