Beth Busby

Therapeutic Support Worker

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

  • Fully book and will reassess waitlist situation Febuary 2024.

Sessions type: in-person at client’s home



  • Children
  • Adult

Area of Support

 Encouraging Curiosity, helping people find comfort, wonder, and belonging.


  • Minecraft, Roblox, Geometry Dash
  • Day time Excursion with children
  • Knowledge about ocean life
  • Music: Singing, cultural knowledge of music
  • Mother’s Helper


  • 12 years of childcare experience for 400 families¬†
  • Former volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium
  • Former volunteer at multiple Film Festivals and Theatre Festivals
  • Experience performing music in multiple countries
  • Experience caring for exotic animals.



Support Work

Four hour minimum

$40 per hour + travel

Education Assistant

Home-based learning

$40 per hour + travel


Music, singing, craft, language, theme-based excursions, etc

$70 per hour + travel

Holistic Family Systems Optimization

Three 2-hour sessions


I’m thrilled to share a bit about myself and my passion for childcare. With a rich experience spanning over 400 families, I’ve become adept at navigating the diverse and dynamic world of childcare, including working with neurodivergent children. My journey in this field has equipped me with a vast toolbox of strategies and approaches, enabling me to adeptly troubleshoot a wide range of situations.

I aim for clarity in the way I communicate, a practice that proves especially beneficial when interacting with neurodivergent children. My intuitive understanding of their unique needs allows me to create a comfortable and understanding environment for them. Frequent check-ins and constant communication are key components of my approach, ensuring that all children, regardless of their neuroprofile, feel in control and understood in their surroundings.

One of my key strengths lies in my genuine curiosity about the interests and passions of the children I work with. I’m not just a bystander; I actively engage and immerse myself in their world, be it through their favorite games, books, or imaginative adventures. This approach has helped me build strong, trusting relationships with both the children and their families.

Above all, my goal is to provide a nurturing, safe, and fun environment where children can thrive and explore their potential. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to your family!

Unique Services

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