Aki Hughes

Therapeutic Support Worker

Language: English, Japanese

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • New Availabilities in July and August

Sessions type: in-person at client’s home

Email: Aki@cherishclinic.com


  • Children
  • Adults
  • Seniors

Area of Support

To be the client’s companion while providing a safe, comfortable, and fun time together.  Gently guide and navigate when overwhelmed.


  • Neurodivergent clients with high support needs
  • Neurodivergent students with learning differences
  • Clients require day-to-day living and functional support
  • Mother’s Helper


  • Attachment-based
  • Person-centred
  • Dr. Green’s CPS



Support Work

Four hour minimum

$38 per hour + travel

Education Assistant

Home-based learning

$38 per hour + travel

My clients will describe me as calm, gentle and warm energy with compassion and caring. I am a mother raising an AuDHD tween with learning disabilities, Developmental Coordination Disorder, speech delays, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Hyperacusis and some anxiety. So I have lived experience with my child.

In addition, I have experience with supporting adults with disabilities in the home and in the community. So my experience with people is as young as 3.5 years old up to 66 years old senior. I got a bit of experience with Touch Chat. My approach is person-centered, gentle and listening to clients’ various communication styles with compassion. My first goal with my client is to be their safe person. I know as a mom that it’s hard to find and keep safe people, so I understand the importance of emotional safety. After that, we can build stronger relationships to achieve milestones bit by bit while having some fun. I’d like to work with families collaboratively including your loved one(s). Please reach out to us if you need support with your child(ren) or yourself around home. I can also help with home support.

Professional Licensure and Training

First Aid
Food Safe

Collaborative Proactive Solution by Dr. Ross Green

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