Bianca Zamora

Character Bianca
Gender: Female (she/her)
Race: Neurospicy Aasimar
Age: 26
Class: Druid
Alter-Ego Nature Witch who experiments on tea flavours
Background: Haunted One, Witherbloom Student


  • Excitability
  • Calmness
  • Silliness
  • Chattiness
  • Head in the Cloud Imagination

Skill Proficiencies:

+9 Medicine (would be a combat medic if there is a war)
+7 Animal Handling
+6 Nature knowledge
+10 Survival (medical knowledge is good for staying alive)
-10 Athletic (Low reaction speed and can’t run very fast..)

Alignment and Personality:

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good

Ideal: Loyalty, Dignity, Family First, Autonomy

Bonds: Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Family

Flaws: Anime obsession, french fries & bubble tea obsession, distracted by cute animals



Video games (animal crossing, pokemon-unite, Stardew valley, Spiritfarer, Mariokart)

Cooking (breakfast foods & fried foods)

Volleyball (indoor)

Painting & Crafts


Feats and Specialties

  • Kid-led Video Gaming
  • Kid Activity Follower and student (Kid leads and teach the activity)


  • Finally getting a driver’s licence!!!! 
  • Minecraft Architect
  • Champion of Super Fast Typing

Information for Parents and Caregivers:

For years, I have volunteered with children and youth in Surrey. I had the opportunity to volunteer with Surrey Memorial Hospital, YMCA, and the Public Library (Newton). All of these previous experiences guided me to pursue a passion for working with children and youth. 

I have been working with Cherish Clinic since early 2023 and have had the pleasure of working with different types of families. During my early times working with Cherish, I was able to continue my nursing studies and eventually graduated to support the clinic with additional skills. 

Today, I work with families with different needs and diagnoses. I support parents, children, and youth with completing daily activities, and medicine administration, and can act as a temporary shadow to assist with guardianship duties. 

Every person is different, so I have learned to adapt to the needs of each individual and family I work with. 

In some households, the child(ren) is looking for a social companion or playmate who is non-judgemental, neurodivergent affirmative, and generally relatable. With these clients I let the child(ren) take the lead with playing as I focus on safety and building a therapeutic relationship. Our play environment can look like playing online games on an iPad at home, roleplaying at the park, swimming laps at the pool, or even making arts and crafts in the backyard.

Depending on the personality of the child(ren), I can have high energy for short bursts of time or chill energy to match who I am with.

For some families, I take on the role of a guardian/adult figure by accompanying the child to school events, small outings, or simply keeping clients company at home. In these cases, I mainly communicate and interact naturally with parents in the beginning of the session or near the end of the session. The relationship I build with these styles of sessions become similar to a babysitter/parent relationship.

With other families, parents need support with attending to one child while they care for another or care for themselves. Parents will be at home doing other activities (working, doing chores, or practicing self-care) while I play with the child, or support the child with daily activities or school work. This means I do not act as a parent, but I do try to practice an “older sister” approach. The relationship I tend to build with these styles of sessions becomes similar to the teacher/parent relationship.

All families are different. Every family’s needs vary. The type of relationship that I build with the parent(s) will depend on the needs of the family. Communicating the preferences of how we should engage is the most important to me, as I can adapt to accomplish the best therapeutic relationship.