Rates and FEe Schedules

Vender Information

Cherish Clinic Incorporated
4417 Dundas Street Burnaby BC
V5C 1B5

(778)840-5989 (please email always)

BN: 751184508

E-interact: accounts@cherishclinic.com



Request to Pay (RTP) Instruction

Cherish Clinic Incorporated
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4417 Dundas Street
Burnaby BC
V5C 1B5

(778)840-5989 (please always email)

If you are accessing multiple BI services, input the highest hourly rate.


The Autism Funding Unit has recently changed its policy regarding RTC-designated counsellors.  We are currently in discussion with ACCT, the licensing body, to fix this situation.  In the meantime, please use behavioural intervention for all new counselling Requests to Pay.  If you have an existing contract under a counsellor, no action is required.  We apologize for the inconvience.

Hourly Rates

Individualized Therapies

Name Hourly Rate Licensing Info AFU Over 6 Category
Chelsey Hartwick $120 ACCT RTC #3234 Behavioural Internvention
Christie Ma $160 ACCT RTC #3368 Art Therapy
Christine Michailides $160 ACCT RTC #2558 Counselling, behavioural consultant
Lexxus Anderson $160* ACCT RTC #3110 Behavioural Intervention
Macy Hippsley $100 Art Therapy
Micaela Pirritano $160 Music Therapy
Sara Anderson $160* ACCT RTC #2588 Behavioural Internvention
Pam Kozdrowski $130 ACCT RTC #2842 Behavioural Internvention
Roxanne Hahn $160* ACCT RTC #3218 Behavioural Internvention
Shay-Lynn Smith $200 AT#3950  Occupational Therapy

For the under 6 category, we would bill everyone as behavioural interventionists and divide the hourly rate in half.

* We offer $20 per session discount for client who does not require third party direct billing (e.g. AFU).

Support Work

Name Hourly Rate AFU Category
Aki Huges $38 Behavioural Interventionist
Beth Busby $38 Behavioural Interventionist
Bianca Zamora $38 Behavioural Interventionist
Emma Wang $38 Behavioural Interventionist
Lexxus Anderson $60 (RTC) Behavioural Interventionist
Macy Hippsley $50 Behavioural Interventionist
Sara Anderson $60 (RTC) Behavioural Interventionist
Pam Kozdrowski $60 (RTC) Behavioural Interventionist
Rebecca Tso $38 Behavioural Interventionist
Roxanne Hahn $60 (RTC) Behavioural Interventionist

RTC: Claimable under counselling for certain extended health plans


Name Hourly Rate AFU Over 6 Category
Christine Michailides $200 Counselling, Behavioural Consultant
Luc Jeanau $200 Occupational Therapist
Heather Bishop $200 Speech Language Pathologist
Tracy Smith $125 Tutor
Susan Anderson $125 Behavioural Consultant. Tutor

RTC: Claimable under counselling for certain extended health plans

Fee Schedules

Sensory Assessment


Miscellaneous Cost


Signing is free
If we fill out the form for you, it would be $80 per application through our form generator.


Shay charges for signing at $80.

Email Coorespondance

Email correspondence from therapists that may take 15 minutes to read, process, research, and write are charged at the therapist’s hourly rate, but we would always request for consent to charge before writing. You can also make different fee arrangements with your therapist. 


When travel is more than 15 minutes (by bus route by car or bus), we charge travel for one way.  For example, if the travel is 30 minutes to the client’s designation, we charge 30 minutes at the therapist’s hourly rate, but not the way back.  If the travel is more than 60 minutes, it is up to the discretion of the individual service provider and the family to negotiate a fair rate.  To incentivize the service provider to travel to more remote locations, sometimes we can try to package two or three clients together around the same area and split the travel cost.


There are charges for paperwork that is more than 15 minutes to put together at the therapist’s hourly rate, but the therapist will always ask for consent first.

Payment Policies

Private Payment (credit card and e-interac)

We do not accept cash payments.

For services that are $100 per hour or more, we follow the industry standards of collecting payments at the end of the session. For credit card payments, we collect and process credit card payments via Janeapp’s confidential and secure payment program.  E-interact may be sent to accounts@cherishclinic.com

If two or more services are overdue, then we may pause service until the account is settled.


For services under $100, we will collect payments for the first session immediate after the session. Then, regular services afterwards will be invoicedon a bi-weekly schedule.  We will email the invoice to the client and then process the credit card payment after 2 business days. Clients also have 2 business days to send an e-Interac payment instead.  If we cannot collected payment in two weeks since invoice date, the service will also be paused until the accounts are settled.

If the family has indicated that they wish to pay privately and later change their mind, we require that the rendered service be paid privately before switching to third-party billing.

Third-Party Funding Sources

The new policy is that we require accounts to be settled within 4 weeks from the first session and 500 dollar is the maximum threshold for the amount owed per family (regardless of the number of children).

The majority of the third-party funding requires formal approval before initiating services.  The service would also be paused as soon as the funding expires or when the funds have been used.  Cherish bookkeepers will send out reminders 8 weeks before funding expiry to help families arrangement for alternative funding.


AFU allows services to be begin before the funding contract to be approved, but request to pay application takes a minimum of 8 weeks to process.

Before initiating services, we require
An approved AFU contract
Or a proof of submission and then wait for weeks

*We can make individualized exceptions, especially for clients in crisis.

Then, we would, at the very least, wait until there are less than 4 weeks before the estimated funding approval date.  Our bookkeeper will try to monitor the level of funding for each account and try to inform the family when the funding is about to expire or run out.  It would be very important to act quickly to adjust AFU funding so services is not disrupted.

AFU is understandably hard to navigate and manage, so we have the RTP generator and provide other supports in getting this task done.

No Shows

We have a standard 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within less than 48-hours, a fee of 50% of the session fee will be charged. Sessions cancelled with a notice of less than 24-hours & no-shows will be charged at the full session fee. This is done to protect the financial security of our service providers

Many neurodivergent people needs support or accommodation around scheduling or varying energy bandwidth for socialization.  The ideal is for our therapist to provide you with an experience where it is not too draining, but sometimes we can offer individualized accommodation and adaptation around session attendance. 

Altneratively, Cherish service providers have access to an extensive library of professional development resources.  Instead of charging no show, we can bill the service as paperwork or administrative work while the service provider uses the opportunity to review client notes, and research resources, and access professional development topics relevant to the client.